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10119: Email a Return Data File to a Different Computer


How do I use email to move a client data file from a Drake installation on one computer to a Drake installation on another computer?


You can move client data files between computers using Drake Tax email if you have a third-party email account set up in Drake Tax (see "Drake Email Setup" in Related Links below) on both the sending and receiving computer.

Note: Depending on account settings, this process may leave a copy of the email and client data file in the sent mail or the inbox of the online email accounts used.

On the sending computer.

  1. Open Drake Tax and open the return you want to transmit. In Data Entry (not View), click Email on the toolbar. The email editor opens with the client data file attached.
  2. In the To field, enter the email address for the user on the receiving computer. Fill in the subject line and click Send.

On the receiving computer.

  1. Open Drake Tax. On the Home window, click the Help menu and select Email from the drop list.
  2. Click Check Mail (previously Send/Receive) on the toolbar to pick up the email.
  3. Click Inbox, locate the email with the attached client file, and double-click it to open it.

  4. Right-click Data File in the Attachments pane and select Save Attachment.

  5. If the return does not exist on the receiving computer, it is saved now. If the return exists on this computer, you are prompted whether to replace the current return. To replace the version on the computer with the version from the email, click Yes.

After the return is saved in Drake Tax on the receiving computer, use the taxpayer's SSN or EIN to open it, or rebuild indexes to display it in the Open/Create list of clients (Tools > Repair Index Files > Repair all indexes).

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