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10468: Disabled Menus and Preparer Security Rights

Preparers Setup

I just set up a new preparer, but all of the menus are grayed out or disabled.

If you haven't assigned security rights to your new preparer, they will only be able to log in and log out of the program and all other options will be grayed out. 

To correct this,

  1. Log in to the software as ADMIN or as a preparer with full admin privileges.
  2. Go to Setup > Preparers.
  3. Select the preparer and click on the Edit Preparer button at the top of the window.
  4. Click the Security button and, from the drop list, select the security option you want for this preparer.
    • If you are configuring custom security, select Custom Security from the drop list, and select the items that should be used. Click Save. Then click Save again to have those settings applied to this preparer.

    • If you already have configured custom security for another preparer, you can choose to set a new preparer's security to be the same as that preparer. Under the Security icon, choose the option Set Security Equal to Existing Preparer

  5. Click Save

Note:  A preparer with existing security rights that include access to Setup > Preparers can create new preparers and can enable or disable the same security rights.

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