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11048: Preparer Setup

Preparers Setup

How do I set up a new preparer? How do I delete a preparer? 


To Set Up a New Preparer

  1. On the Home window of the software, from the menu bar, select Setup > Preparer(s) to open the Preparer Setup dialog box.
  2. On the Preparer Setup dialog box toolbar, click the Add icon:

  3. The Preparer Setup dialog box is enabled for adding a new preparer:

    • Click the Help icon for an explanation of the fields.
    • The three fields highlighted in red must be completed for e-filing.
      • Preparer Name - Enter the preparer's name as it should appear on the return (if paid preparer). 
      • PTIN - enter the preparer's PTIN. If the person does not have a PTIN, leave the field blank and when you click Save, a login code will display. This code will be needed the first time the preparer attempts to log in. If you do not remember the code, the admin will need to use the Reset Password option to generate a new code.  
      • Login Information. A Login name is required for the preparer and must be used by the preparer to log into the software. A password is optional in Drake15 and prior. Starting in Drake16, the preparer will be required to set up a password the first time they log in.
        Note: Drake Software does not store login information for recovery purposes. Starting in Drake16, a self-service password recovery option is available on the login page. The administrator can also click Reset Password on the preparer setup screen in any year of Drake Software.  
    • Disable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - starting in Drake21, this option is not selected by default. To disable the MFA option for a preparer, the Primary Administrator will need to select this option. 
    • Return Signature Options. A five-digit PIN is required for a preparer to sign a return for e-filing. The field 8879 PIN Signature enables a preparer to sign Form 8879, IRS e-file Signature Authorization, and Alternative Electronic Signature enables automatic preparer signature of documents that include a separate signature line for a paid tax preparer (see "Alternative Electronic Signature" in Related Links below).
    • State Registration Numbers. Some states require preparers to be registered. Click Registration to enter registration numbers required for those states.
    • Set preparer security – click Security and select Administrator to set the preparer’s security to the highest level, or select a lower level. If you save the preparer setup without setting security, the preparer security is set to no options - the preparer sees only disabled ("grayed out") menus and cannot use the software functions.
    • Note: The setup assistant will display a red X for preparers if no security level is chosen. 
  4. Save the preparer settings - you must click Save at the top of the dialog box to save the preparer settings.

Edit a Preparer

You can edit an existing preparer by selecting the preparer and clicking the Edit Preparer icon on the toolbar (or simply double-click the preparer name in the list). Click Save to save any changes.

Delete a Preparer

Starting in Drake18, go to Setup > Preparers and select the preparer to be deleted. Click on Security and choose Delete selected preparer from the drop list. 

In Drake17 and prior, go to Setup > Preparers and choose the preparer in the list. Then, click the Delete icon at the top. 

Warning “Red indicates missing e-Filing data"

The warning is always visible - it is for informational purposes to ensure you complete at least those required fields if you expect to e-file. As long as the required fields are completed, the preparer is set up correctly for e-filing. The following example shows what the preparer setup looks like when required for e-filing information is missing.

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