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10787: Identifying a Firewall

Firewalls, Antiviruses, etc.

How do I find a firewall on my computer?

A firewall is software that blocks suspicious transmissions between a computer program and a network. Sometimes a firewall blocks Drake Software. If you experience problems transmitting returns or checking acknowledgements, you may need to configure a firewall on the transmitting computer. Firewalls are also sometimes found on a network router.

A firewall usually loads when you start your computer. If you are able to reboot your computer in Safe Mode or Safe Mode with network, and the problem disappears, a firewall is a prime suspect.

 There are many varieties of firewall, the most common of which are the following:

  1. Norton Internet Security (Symantec)
  2. Norton 360 (Symantec)
  3. McAfee Security Suite
  4. Windows Defender
  5. Zone Alarm Security Suite
  6. PC-Cillin Internet Security
  7. Trend Micro
  8. AVG
  9. Comodo
  10. Avast
  11. Panda
  12. Kaspersky

To find the firewall, one of these steps should work.

  1. Check the system tray. In the lower right corner of your computer screen, next to the time display, you may see an icon that identifies a firewall:
  2. Generate and review a Drake system diagnostics report. The report identifies installed antivirus, internet security, and spyware scanner software. To generate a diagnostics report, see "Finding AV, Firewalls, Printers or Network Drives - Use Drake System Diagnostics" in Related Links below.
  3. Check the Add or Remove Programs list. In the list of installed programs, look for any of the programs listed above or any other program whose description suggests a firewall function. Do not uninstall any firewall; just review the list to identify the firewall so you can configure it to allow Drake software to function normally. You can display the Add or Remove Programs list by double-clicking its icon in Control Panel.

To configure the firewall, Open All Programs, locate the firewall program, and open and examine it to confirm that it is a firewall. Configure the firewall from within the firewall program. See Related Links below.

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