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11035: GruntWorx - Scanning Documents


How do I scan tax documents for a GruntWorx job?

Scan a client's tax documents as PDF documents into the client's Drake Documents (DDM) folder. You can scan a client's tax documents into Drake Documents as separate PDFs or as a single PDF.

Scan only one tax document per scanned page - GruntWorx cannot support data from two documents on one scanned page. The tax documents can be in any sequence except brokerage statements and K-1s. Pages of a brokerage statement, and pages of a K1, must be consecutive within the PDF file with no breaks in between. GruntWorx may not be able to read and understand which pages of a brokerage statement or K1 belong together unless they are uninterrupted.

Scan clarity affects the accuracy of GruntWorx products:

  • Use a TWAIN compatible scanner
  • Scan documents at 300 dpi.
  • Scan in black and white. GruntWorx can read black and white scans more accurately than gray scale or color, and black and white provides a smaller file size.
  • Scan all documents to PDF.
  • Scan original documents at original size. Every time a document is copied, the image quality is degraded. The further removed you get from the original document, the “noisier” the document becomes and the more difficult it is for GruntWorx to read it.
  • Do not use Read/Write/Password Protection.

Naming Your PDF Input File

Do not use special characters when naming your PDF files. PDF file names containing ampersands (&) and apostrophes (‘) can create problems when being processed by GruntWorx.

PDF Limit

You can upload up to ten PDF documents to GruntWorx per client (see Related Links below).

Upside Down and Sideways Pages

GruntWorx will automatically rotate all upside down (180°) and sideways (90°) pages to the proper page orientation during processing, however, if a scanned document is skewed more than 10° from any of these positions, page orientation cannot be corrected and data could be lost.

The “Readability Test”

After you have scanned your documents, give them the “Readability Test.” If your eyes are straining to read a document, GruntWorx will have trouble reading it too. Noisy or hard to read documents will most significantly affect GruntWorx Populate users. If GruntWorx Populate is unable to read field labels and data contained therein, the data will not be extracted and populated into the tax return. Any document that cannot be read will be bookmarked as “Poor Quality” and flagged with a CDN to alert you.

What kind of scanner?

For GruntWorx products, select a scanner that is TWAIN compliant and capable of scanning at 300 DPI resolution and in black & white (recommended). A sheet feeder and duplex scanning capability are advised, but not required. Use a scanner that is comparable to one recommended by GruntWorx:

Model #  Resolution Min/Max Document Size Transport Speed Daily Duty Cycle
Fujitsu fi-6103-7160 50-300 dpi Min: 2" x 3"
Max: 8.5" x 14"
Mono 40 ppm
Color 30 ppm
Up to 2000 pages
Fujitsu fi-6140-7180 50-600 dpi Min: 2" x 3"
Max: 8.5" x 14"
Mono 60 ppm
Color 40 ppm
Up to 2000 pages

GruntWorx Recommended Scanners
Up to 2000 pages

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