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14110: GruntWorx - Populate and/or Trades Import


I have downloaded my completed GruntWorx job. How do I import the information into the client's tax return?

Once a completed GruntWorx job has been successfully downloaded, the files may be found in the taxpayer's Drake Documents (DDM) folder. Files will be located in either the Working or Archive cabinet depending on software setup. See Related Links below for more information on Drake Documents.


To import the populate job, take the following steps:

  1. From the data entry toolbar, choose Import > GruntWorx Populate Job.
  2. Browse through Drake Documents to the taxpayer's GruntWorx folder and select the XML file for import.
  3. Review the job, when ready to import the data, click Import.
  4. All data in the GruntWorx populate (.xml) file should then import to the correct data entry screens.
  5. Review the populated screens for accuracy.
    • Important: Any locality information must be manually keyed as it is not supported for population.

Note: Duplicate screens - Updated vs. Populated

The populate import will attempt to match the job details with existing screens in the data file that were updated from last year. In order for a populate entry to be considered a match with an updated screen from the prior year, both the SSN and EIN would have to match exactly. If either value does not match, the form is considered to be unique and a new screen is created for the populate data; the existing (updated) screen will remain unaltered. Review the screens to evaluate accuracy and delete any unneeded screens by pressing CTRL + D. If both the EIN of the company and the SSN of the taxpayer from the populate job match those on the updated screen, the populate values will be imported into the existing (updated) screen directly. 


To import a Trades job, take the following steps:

  1. From the return's data entry screen, click the Import button located on the toolbar. Select the Form 8949/GruntWorx Trade option.
  2. The application will display the Form 8949/GruntWorx Trade screen, click the Next button when you are ready to continue.
  3. The application displays Step 1 of the process. Click the Browse button to select an import file. The selected file is displayed in the Form 8949 Transaction Information panel along with a record count.
  4. The application displays Step 2 of the process. Select the Start import at the correct column number (the Drake default is line 2) and click the Next button to continue or Back to return to the previous step. If your import file has a header, you will want to exclude it from the import process and begin on row 2.
  5. The application displays Step 3 of the process. Review the information and when ready click Finish to import the Schedule D information to the return or Back to return to the previous step(s).
  6. The Trades transactions should now show on the Income tab on both the 8949 and D screen in data entry. 

Note: This does not mean the entries were recorded twice. ​The 8949 and D screens are the same screen.

For more information on Schedule D Imports or GruntWorx, see Related Links below. For a demonstration of the GruntWorx process, watch the video Using GruntWorx in Drake

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