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11070: Drake Documents - Custom Folders

Drake Documents

Can I customize the folders in Drake Documents?

You can customize the file structure used to maintain client folders in Drake Documents.

In both instances of Drake Documents (the Working Cabinet and Archive Cabinet), you can:

  • Add new folders to the default file structure set up for each client. The new folders are inserted in a client's Drake Documents folder when you first open the client's return in Drake Tax after customizing your setup. Alternatively, during the customization process, you can select the option to insert the new folders into all existing client files within Drake Documents at once.
  • Remove customized folders so they will no longer be inserted in Drake Documents when you open client returns. New, customized folders that have already been inserted into Drake Documents will remain there.

You cannot remove:

  • Folders that are part of the default file structure.
  • All of the new, customized folders that you previously added to a client's Drake Documents folder at once. New folders may be removed by manually deleting all files in the new folder and then deleting the new folder. You must do this for each client from whom you want to remove the new folder.

If you customize the file structure, determine the type of file structure you want to use before you begin storing items in Drake Documents. If you change file structure after you begin storing documents, you will have to move items individually into the new desired location. You cannot move any folder that contains documents.

Customizing folders

To customize the file structure, from Drake Tax, go to Setup > Printing and Device Setup > Drake Documents to open the Drake Documents Integration Options window. Any changes made to the folder structure apply to the Drake Documents cabinet selected in the General Options section. The Archive Cabinet may also be customized by opening Drake Documents and going to Setup > Custom Folders.

To add a new folder that will be inserted in a client's Drake Documents folder when you next open the client's return:

  1. In the Drake Documents Integration Options window, choose whether you are editing the folder structure of the Working Cabinet or Archive Cabinet.
  2. In the folder preview pane below, select the folder in which you want the new folder to be added. The new folder will be inserted one level below the selected folder.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Enter a custom folder name.
  5. Click OK. The folder appears in the folder preview pane.
    • To change the name of the new folder, select the folder and click Edit.
    • To delete the new folder, select the folder and click Remove.
  6. Click Save, then OK.

Once you have finished modifying your folder structure and want to insert the newly added folders into all existing client Drake Documents folders, mark the Apply this layout... check box and click Save. Be aware that this step adds the new folders to all existing Drake Documents folders; these added folders must be removed individually from within Drake Documents. Do not do this until you are satisfied with both the name and location of the new folder in the file structure.

To delete the new folder, select the folder and click Remove. Doing so prevents the folder from being added for new Drake Tax clients created from this point on; it does not remove the folder from any existing file structures/Drake Tax clients.

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