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11797: 1040 - Deadline and Perfection Period

Deadlines + Extensions

If I e-file a 1040 return or an extension before the deadline, and the IRS rejects it after the deadline, what can I do then?

Returns and extensions have to be filed by midnight your local time on the normal due date of the return. The perfection period for 1040 returns and Form 4868 extensions is 5 days. Publication 4164.

Note: The perfection period is not an extension. If you do not make a timely filing, there is no perfection period.

You can re-transmit the filing more than once during the perfection period, but any transmission after the perfection period ends is considered to be a late filing.

To paper-file a return or extension that was timely e-filed, but rejected:

  1. The return or extension must filed by the later of the due date of the return or ten calendar days after the date the IRS gives notification that it rejected the return. (Publication 1345)
  2. The return or extension should include:
    1. an explanation of why it is being filed after the due date, and
    2. a copy of the electronic rejection notification.
  3. A return or 2350 extension must be signed by the taxpayer and preparer. Do not use a PIN. (See the instructions with the form if a taxpayer is not available for signature.)

Note: For business returns, see Related Links below.

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