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11965: Integrated File and Pay - Pay a 1040 or 4868 Balance Due by Credit/Debit Card

Fed Returns Generally

With IFP, you can arrange to have your client’s debit or credit card charged to pay a federal balance due upon IRS acceptance of the e-filed return.

A taxpayer credit or debit card payment (MC, Visa, Discover, AmEx) for a 1040 return or a 4868 extension can be arranged from within the software through Integrated File and Pay (IFP). Payment through IFP is available only for e-filed returns and extensions and must be scheduled before e-filing. If the filing is rejected, the taxpayer's card is not charged.

IFP is not available for a 1040-NR return or Form 2350 extension. 

To learn more, log in to Drake Support and click Products > Integrated File and Pay.   

The following sections outline the process for using IFP.

Before e-Filing

  • Complete the return (but do not e-file it yet).
  • Go to the IFP screen, accessible from the Miscellaneous tab in Data Entry or via the Pay balance due with credit card link on the PMT and 4868 screens.
  • Select Form 1040 or Form 4868.
  • Recalculate the return to auto-fill the Balance due.
  • Return to the IFP screen and click Authorize Card. The IFP Drake Software E-Payment Center page is displayed on your browser.
  • Follow the steps indicated on the E-Payment Center.

Once the payment is authorized, an email is sent immediately to the taxpayer using the email address entered on screen 1. (A second email is sent when the taxpayer's filing is accepted or rejected. For more details on the content of these emails, see “IFP Email Updates Sent to the Taxpayer” in Attachments at the bottom of this page).

e-Filing the Return

With the payment authorized, you should now e-file the return.

  • If the filing is accepted, the card is charged and the taxpayer receives email notification.
  • If the filing is rejected:
    • The card is not charged and the taxpayer receives email notification.
    • The payment authorization is no longer valid, and the card must be authorized again before re-filing the return with an IFP payment.


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