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12293: 1065 - Name Control Reject R0000-922

1065 Partnership

Why is a 1065 return getting rejected (R0000-922) for having the wrong Name Control?

You are seeing this reject:


Filer's EIN and Name Control in the Return Header must match data in the e-File database, unless "Name Change" or "Name or address change" checkbox is checked, if applicable.

There are four situations that would cause this reject. Each is listed below with its correction.

  1. The partnership changed its name after the EIN request on Form SS-4 was filed with the IRS. Correction:  For a name change, the name change box must be marked on screen 1 to inform the IRS. The IRS data records will be corrected accordingly.
  2. The partnership was originally a sole proprietorship that was changed to a partnership after the EIN was issued. Correction: For a change in entity type, complete Form 8832 and transmit it with the return.
  3. Entries on screen 1 have been reversed for the Name and DBA or c/o fields. Correction:  On screen 1, enter the partnership name in the Name field. If there is a DBA name, enter that in the DBA or c/o field.
  4. The name control on file with the IRS does not match the name control automatically generated by the software. Correction: Contact the IRS (Business and Specialty Tax Line, 800-829-4933), verify the partnership’s correct name control and enter only that name control in the override field. The Entity Name Control override is located on screen 1:

For more detailed information about partnership name controls, see the IRS article Using the Correct Name Control in e-filing Partnership Tax Returns.

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