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12618: Updating Scheduler Appointments from Last Year to This Year


What Scheduler functions are available for setting and removing preparer appointments based on appointments scheduled last year?

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How can I run a report that shows all Scheduler appointments that are now in the current-year software?

Open the Scheduler and click Reports on the toolbar (or select the Preparer Appointments report in Reports > Report Manager > Scheduler Reports > Client Contact). On the Filter Condition Editor dialog box, select a date range, or select the value is not <Blank> to report all appointments.

How can I copy appointments I scheduled last year into the current-year Scheduler?

  • You can copy last year's appointments into this year's software with a Last Year Data menu option. It
    • clears all existing preparer appointments in the current software, and
    • brings all preparer settings and appointments into the current software.
  • Appointment dates remain the same. For example, a 12/15/2023 appointment in last year's software becomes a 12/15/2024 appointment in the current software.

To proceed -

  1. From the Home window of this year's software, select Update Settings 20XX to 20YY from the Last Year Data menu.
  2. Click on the General Settings icon.
  3. On the Update General Settings dialog box, clear all selections (unless you intend to update other items).
  4. Select Scheduler Appointments & Settings.
  5. Click Update Settings. Exit the dialog box when the update is completed.

How can I create new appointments in the current-year Scheduler based on last year's appointments?

You can create new appointments based on last year's appointments with the Scheduler option Generate Batch Appointments.

  • You must be logged in as Admin.
  • This option should not be used if you previously updated appointments from the Home window Last Year Data menu, because the process removes those appointments. It starts by clearing all previously-created batch appointments, which includes those previously created by this option or from the Last Year Data menu. If you brought live appointments over from last year by using the Last Year Data menu, those appointments will be removed.
  • You can select how to update appointments by date or day of the week. Options are available for automatic selection of a date preceding or following a date if the relevant date is unavailable in this year's Scheduler.
  • This process does not affect private appointments.

To proceed -

  1. Log into this year's software as Admin and open the Scheduler.
    1. On the Scheduler toolbar, select Batch > Generate Batch Appointments.

      Note: If you are prompted to remove previous batch appointments, you previously have either run Generate Batch Appointments or updated Scheduler Appointments & Settings (Last Year Data > Update Settings 20XX to 20YY). These previous batch appointments must be removed before running the batch appointment process. Select No and exit the process. Then, if you want to proceed with batch appointments, remove the existing batch appointments at Batch > Undo Batch-Generated Appointments and go back to Generate Batch Appointments. This allows you to review and select batch appointment options without first running the process.
  2. On the Batch Appointment Generator dialog box, select the drive where last year's software containing the appointments is installed, and select the desired date range and options. Click OK and confirm to create new appointments.
    • A report of the appointments created is generated in your default browser.
    • Batch has been previously run! is displayed at the bottom of the Batch Appointment Generator dialog box.
    • If the results are not what you want, adjust the options and click OK to repeat the process. You will prompted to remove the previously batched appointments, which is necessary to create new batch appointments (click Yes to continue).

How can I delete appointments?

Delete individual appointments.

In the Scheduler, open the appointment and click Delete on the Appointment Detail toolbar.

Delete all batch appointments and all appointments brought forward in Last Year Data.

In the Scheduler, select Batch > Undo Batch-Generated Appointments, and confirm. This function removes all appointments previously created in the Scheduler by Batch > Generate Batch Appointments or in the software by Last Year Data > Update Settings 20XX to 20YY.

Delete all appointments before a selected date.

In the Scheduler, select Setup on the toolbar. Select the Calendar tab on the Setup dialog box. Select a date from the calendar tool at Delete all appointments before (under Calendar Maintenance) and click ​Delete​.

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