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How do i generate an appointment letter? Do I have to create a return prior to setting an appointment? An apartment number is not displayed in the address in an appointment letter, why?

Appointment Setup 

To set up an appointment, on the Home window toolbar, click the Scheduler icon to open the Appointment Scheduler, and click the New Appt icon on the toolbar.

Generate an Appointment Letter 

To generate the letter,

  1. On the Home window menu bar, select Tools > Client Communications > Letters.
  2. Select Appointment - Reminder letter or email for this season's appointments.
  3. Follow the prompts.


  • If an appointment is not in the date range, or if a client address is not entered in the Scheduler, the appointment is not displayed. Change the date range or check the appointment address fields.
  • If you update the client's address in the return, you must update it in the Scheduler appointment. The Scheduler does not automatically update when the return is changed.

You do not have to create a return before setting up an appointment or printing an appointment letter. You must first set up the client's appointment with an address in the Scheduler to print an appointment letter. An appointment letter is based on the address in a Scheduler appointment. As long as the appointment with an address is in the Scheduler, you can generate an appointment letter with or without a current or last year return.

  • You can use a date range to set up the letter.
  • If a return exists, you can use the client's SSN to set up the letter.
  • If an email address is available, and you have configured your email in Drake Tax, you can also send a reminder email.

Apartment Number not Printed

The apartment number entered on screen 1 is part of the mailing address for mailing labels and envelopes printed at Tools > Letters, however, the inside address in a printed appointment letter does not include the apartment number (Tools > Letters > Letters > Appointment letter/email notifications for 20XX clients).

The Scheduler lacks a separate field for a client's apartment number, so the apartment number is not automatically auto-filled when an appointment is set up.

To display an apartment number in an appointment letter, manually enter a comma, a space and the apartment number at the end of the street address:

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