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13190: CA - Form 3536


How do I generate CA Form 3536, Estimated Fee for LLCs?

To produce a CA Form 3536 in the 1040 package:
  • Indicate that the business is a single-member LLC on the federal schedules by entering a LLC number (1-999) in the LLC# box on the corresponding Schedule C, E, or F. For the first schedule that is a SMLLC, enter 1.
    • See "Schedules C, E, F - Special Tax Treatment for SMLLC" in Related Links below. 
  • Fill out the applicable CA Single Member LLC screens, including the MAIN screen.
  • Use federal screen ES to generate the SMLLC vouchers.
    • ST/City code is CA
    • Type is FR
    • LLC# (use the same number as above)
    • An entry for Voucher 1 affects Form 3522.
    • An entry in Voucher 2 will produce Form 3536.

To produce the CA Form 3536 in the 1065 package:

  • Confirm that CA Form 568 is generated as Form 3536 is not applicable to CA Form 565. To force Form 568, go to the CA tab LLC, screen 568 General Information, check to Force Form 568 – Limited Liability Company. Screen 3536 can be used to override the amount.

Additional information is available in the CA 568 Instructions.

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