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14073: 1040 - State Taxes on Wks CARRY

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How can I confirm the amount that is showing on Wks CARRY for State/Local taxes paid in 20YY to flow to the Schedule A? 

Review state worksheet STWK_A5 where ST is the state to which taxes were paid. For example, if the taxes were paid to North Carolina, and will be deductible on the following year's return, you would review NCWK_A5 in view mode.

If this is a multi-state return, you must review the WK_A5 for each state in order to reconcile the total amount showing on Wks CARRY (WK_CARRY in Drake 15 and prior). 

For this example, there are two states, NC and GA.  Wks CARRY shows that an amount of $480 in taxes were paid in 2018 and will flow to the Schedule A on the 2019 return. 

  • On NCWK_A5, the amount showing is only $395. 

  • The amount from GAWK_A5 is $85. 

  • The sum of the two amounts from WK_A5, line C will flow to WKs CARRY

  • This amount will update to next year's return, Schedule A, line 5 and be flagged (in green) for review. You should verify this amount for accuracy in the updated return. It is the preparer's responsibility to determine whether the client can deduct the full amount that carries to Schedule A, line 5 from the prior year. 

For more information about deducting state/local taxes, see the Schedule A instructions

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