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13469: GruntWorx - Organize Lite - Adding Documents to an Organize PDF


I am an Organize Lite user. I already have a taxpayer's documents in an Organize PDF, but the taxpayer has now supplied some additional documents. How can I add those?


If you do not need a Populate or Trades job, and you want an Organize PDF that includes additional, late documents, you have three options:

  1. Resubmit all source documents along with the new documents. A new Organize PDF is returned containing all the taxpayer's documents. This will cost 5 cents per page processed, even if they were included in the original submission. 
  2. Submit your existing Organize PDF as a source document, along with the new documents. This produces the same result as Option 1, but it also preserves any notations made in the existing Organize PDF. The cost will be 5 cents per page submitted to be organized. 
  3. Edit your existing Organize PDF to insert scanned copies of the new documents and adjust the bookmarks. This option requires a PDF editor, such as Adobe Standard, either installed on your computer or available through an online subscription. For Adobe Standard users, a description of how to combine an Organize PDF and other scanned PDF documents is provided in Attachments, below.

Note: For options 1 or 2 above, if you request Populate or Trades upon re-submission, the submission is no longer considered to be an Organize LITE submission. It becomes a regular GruntWorx job and the standard rates apply:


In a single job submission that includes a Populate or Trades request, the Organize charge will apply regardless of whether any source documents were previously submitted as an Organize LITE job. You must have enough money on account to cover the submission. Go to the Drake Software Support Website > Purchasing > GruntWorx Integration to get more information about pricing.


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