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14333: NYC - EF Message 0563

New York

In a corporate return, I see New York City EF Message 0563. It is concerning real estate rented and NYC-2 Schedule F. How do I clear this message?


NY EF Message 0563 states:

NYC-2 Schedule F

Real Estate Rented Everywhere - The total of property amounts
entered on the NYC-2 schedule F screen does not equal the real
estate rented amount from the federal return.

NYC EF Message 0563 can be caused when you have rents entered on Line 16 of the federal DED screen.

When this situation occurs, navigate to the Cities tab inside of the NY data entry and fill out screen 106A. On this screen, choose 1b from the Line drop list.

If there is more than one state on the return, multiple instances of screen 106A need to be completed. Complete this screen once for the amount of rents earned inside NYC, then Page Down to a second 106A screen to indicate the amount of rents earned outside NYC.

The combined total of all instances of screen 106A should match the total rents reported on the federal DED screen, Line 16

Other entries may be required as applicable to the return.

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