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15064: Adjusting Printing Alignment on Forms (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: How do I adjust the printing alignment on forms?


To adjust the printing alignment of data on laser forms, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Firm > Adjust Tax Form Printing.
  2. Select the form to adjust on the left. Select the scale you want the form to print in from the Print Options box. Fit will fit the form to the page, Actual Size will print it out the original scale, Custom Scale allows you set your own size, and clicking the Center checkbox will center the form on the page.
  3. The current settings for this form are displayed in the Horizontal and Vertical sections of the screen.
    • Options may vary depending on the specific form selected.
  4. Make adjustments to the Horizontal and Vertical fields.
    • Use the adjustment box  to make changes.
      • The adjustment arrows increase or decrease the spacing by 0.05 inches with a single click.
      • You can also adjust individual fields, if needed. 
      • If you already know the exact adjustment amount, simply enter a value into the field(s).
      • The changes will show in the print preview. 
  5. Before saving, you can use the Reset button to return to the initial values. Click Save to save the form adjustment. 
  6. Click Exit once completed.


Note: Generally, these adjustments are for pre-printed forms using the “Data Only” option and do not affect the printing of forms printed using the “Form and Data” option. In DAS 21 and beyond, the data fields on all Forms 1099/1098 and the Nelco W-2 variants (W-2 3-UP, W-2 4-DOWN, and the W-2 4-UP) can be adjusted even when the “Form and Data” option is checked. In DAS 21, verify that the Apply Adjustments checkbox is checked on the form creation screen for the changes to take effect.

Use the Update Prior Year Adjustments button to bring forward the adjustments that were made in a prior year to the current year of DAS.


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