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15624: Adjusting Perforations on Preprinted Checks (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: How do I adjust the check alignment to change where perforations fall? 


Due to multiple options of operating systems, printers, and check formats, minor adjustments may be required to make checks print properly. Use the Check Designer feature (Check Alignment in DAS19 and prior) to change the alignment of information printed on pre-printed payroll and vendor checks. Drag and drop fields on the Check Design tab (lower half of the window in DAS19 and prior) to match your pre-printed checks.

Note: It is recommended that you make a copy of a check and print a test check to make sure the information matches and is positioned properly. This prevents wasting check stock.

  • To edit perforations, on the Placement tab (upper right-hand part of the screen in DAS19 and prior), check the Manually specify check placement and measurements box, then select the applicable Check Placement option.  In the Inches from Page Top section (to the right), adjust the measurements for the Top, Perf 1, Perf 2, and Bottom.
    • The Top (highlighted blue) can be adjusted up or down from the very top of the check stock.
    • Perf 1 and Perf 2 (highlighted in yellow):
      • Perf 1 will adjust the top of the middle check
      • Perf 2 will adjust the bottom of the middle check
    • The Bottom (highlighted red) can be adjusted up or down from the very bottom of the check stock.
  • Repeat this process for the other check formats as needed.
  • Click Save when finished.

 You can drag and drop fields on the Check Design tab (lower half of the Check Alignment screen in DAS19 and prior) to match your pre-printed checks.

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