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15069: Saving Reports in Drake Documents (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: Can I save reports generated in Drake Accounting® to Drake Documents?


Drake Accounting® has the option to save reports to Drake Documents. Go to Client> Edit> Drake Documents Options. Select Use Drake Documents and choose the location where Drake Documents is stored. You can override the Client Destination and the Resulting Client Directory Path will reflect where the reports will be saved. At the bottom of the screen, you have the option to save the documents either automatically or manually to Drake Documents.

Drake Accounting® can only store reports and documents in the Archive Cabinet. Make sure the Archive Cabinet is selected within Drake Documents before setting up the Drake Documents Options for Drake Accounting®. 

Click Save once you are finished with this screen.

Go to the desired module > Reports (Crystal Reports® in DAS21 and prior) > Select a report> Run Report. There are two different things that could occur depending on what was selected in Drake Documents Options tab within the Clients module. 

  • If you have selected to save documents to Drake Documents automatically, the software will save the report in Drake Documents without a prompt.
  • If you have selected to save documents to Drake Documents manually, you will be prompted to save the report to the Drake Documents. Click Yes to have the report copied to Drake Documents.

Click Exit once you are finished.


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