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15129: Printing Live Vendor Checks (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: How do I set up and print live vendor checks? 


You can print live vendor checks by two methods. Either create a live vendor invoice and then schedule and pay the invoice or go directly to Quick Payments to pay a vendor.

  • Creating an invoice. If you create vendor invoices, you should schedule payment(s) and pay them when scheduled. Drake Accounting® will associate the payments with the invoices. This article explains creating invoices and scheduled payments.
  • Going directly to Quick Payments. If you do not create vendor invoices, you can use Quick Payments (Payables > Payments > Quick Payments) to create a vendor invoice and print a vendor check. When you create a vendor invoice and pay it using Quick Payments, the invoice will be displayed at Payables > Invoices. Drake Accounting® does not tie a Quick Payment check to an existing vendor invoice.
    • This function is available as the Check Writer in DAS19 and prior.
    • See Related Links below for details. 

Create, Schedule and Pay a Vendor Invoice

  1. Create the live invoice. Go to Payables > Invoices to enter a new live invoice.
  2. Schedule the Vendor Payment.
    1. Single payment. You can schedule a single live full or partial payment when you create the live invoice.
    2. One or more payments. You can schedule one or more live payments at Payables > Invoice Payments after the live invoice is created.
  3. Live Payment – Print the Vendor Check
    1. Before you can print checks, you have to set up your check stock. If you haven’t done that, go to Financial (Setup in DAS19 and prior) > Check Designer, and select the appropriate check format and any options you would like, then click Save. Starting in DAS21, you will also need to set up a payment method on Financial > Payment Methods. See Related Links below for more information.
    2. To print a check, go to Payables > Check Print. Note that only invoices scheduled for payment on or before the current date will appear in this window. Select the desired invoice and click Print. 


You cannot print checks for an invoice until the scheduled payment date. You can change the current check date to a future date to be able to print the check that is dated later.


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