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15586: Exporting Crystal Reports (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: How do I export my Crystal Reports® from DAS21 and prior as a different format? 


You can export your Crystal Reports® as a PDF, Word document, or an Excel spreadsheet so that you can save them to a convenient place and open them in a PDF viewer or using Microsoft Word or Excel. 

First, go to Accounting > Crystal Reports® and select which report you want to run. Fill out any information needed to run the report.

Once the report displays, click the Export Report button (in red box below) in the upper left-hand corner. 

Windows Explorer will pop up, allowing you to choose the location you would like to save it to as well as selecting the file type. When you have the file type selected, click Save.

A message will display to let you know the export is completed. Click OK.

 If you export or save the report as a .rpt file, you must have the Crystal Reports® program or viewer on your computer in order to view the report outside of Drake Accounting®. Be sure to select an appropriate Save As Type to allow you to review the reports that you save to Drake Documents at a later time. 

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