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15861: Troubleshooting State Wage Report (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: What do I need to verify if amounts are not producing as expected on a state wage report?  


  1. Verify setup.
    1. Verify that the State code is entered in the State field of the address at Client > Add/Edit, on the Contact Information tab.
    2. Verify state rates and limits at Firm > Rates & Withholding setup, in the State Setup section.
    3. Verify the employee's State in the address field at Employees > Employee Setup on the Personal Info tab.
    4. Verify the state code in the Tax Table field at Employees > Employee Setup on the State Tax tab.
    5. Check setup information for additional deduction and benefits that may be set up as not taxable by the State (Employees > Deductions & Benefits).
  2. Verify the checks you expect to be part of the report and the dates for those checks.
    • The checks must be printed with a check date within the quarter reported in order to appear in the report. Either:
      1. Verify that live checks have been printed at Employees > Check Print.
      2. Verify both check printing and check date at Employees > Live or ATF payroll by selecting each employee to verify the check dates used for the checks that have been printed or entered as ATF.

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