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16002: Form NC-3 Information (DAS)

North Carolina

Drake Accounting®: How can I generate and e-file the NC-3? 

The North Carolina Department of Revenue (NC DOR) requires all businesses to file electronically. Forms NC-3 must be filed on or before January 31st of the following year. For more information, go to

There are several filing options:

  • Web File Upload: Click the link to access the file formats for the tax year and learn more about this option.
  • Online Entry: The Online Entry option will allow you to manually enter each NC-3, W-2, and 1099 in the eNC3 Portal without creating a file.
  • Bulk Transmittal: NC DOR is not accepting new registrations for Bulk Transmittal. To help payroll providers and other large businesses meet the electronic filing requirement, the Web File Upload option (above) is being enhanced instead.
  • Waiver information: The Secretary is authorized to waive the requirement to file electronically. Click the link to learn more. NC-3s and withholding statements are due by January 31, annually.

e-File Using DAS

For each client for whom you will file a NC-3 return,

  1. Go to Client > Edit > Contact Information tab and verify that State ID is the employer's account number for filing with NCDOR.
  2. On Client > Edit > e-File Options tab check the box e-File State and enter the State Employer Account Number and Remitter Number, as applicable. 
  3. Click Save
  4. Go to Employees or On the Fly > State Tax & Wage Forms.
  5. Select NC in the State drop down and 3 in the Form drop down. Select Annually in the Frequency list.
  6. Check the box e-File
  7. Totals based on payroll entries automatically display. Additional tax and interest amounts are calculated.
  8. Verify all info shown, correcting as needed.
  9. Once all required information is entered, click Save. When e‐filing, the data is written to the upload file before Form NC‐3 displays.
  10. All eNC3 files are located at path C:\DrakeAccounting20YY\DAS20YYData\Clients\CLIENTCODE\EFile\NC\NC3 (where C is the drive on which DAS is installed and YY is the year of DAS). (In DAS20 and prior, eNC3 files are located at path C:\DrakeAccounting20YY\Clients\CLIENTCODE\EFile\NC\NC3)
  11. Only files named NC3[date and time saved].TXT should be uploaded to NCDOR.  (File name will show as NC3RETURN.txt in DAS20 and prior.)
  12. Go to the NC DOR website for the Web File Upload Option and, for your client, follow the instructions to upload each file created in the above steps.
  13. Make a record of any confirmation number(s) provided during this process.

See NC DOR FAQs and the NC-3 Instructions for more information. 

Note: An electronic file is created based on the notes and specifications contained in the publication(s) / document(s) mentioned above. To help ensure a successful filing, checks are integrated for errors and data only where appropriate to the formatting of the data. Ultimately, it is the filer's responsibility to verify and certify the actual data submitted is accurate and complete for each filing.

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