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15974: State W-2 - Creation and Upload (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: How do I generate and e-file Forms W-2 for states?   


When the federal W-2 upload file is created (see Related Links below), some state Forms W-2 are automatically created in the background. The state W-2 that is created is determined by the state(s) entered on the box 15 of the W-2. It is possible for multiple state W-2 e-Files to be created at the same time if there are any Forms W-2 that have different states in box 15. The files created by DAS are in the EFW2 format. This is a .txt file (not a .csv or .pdf file), unless otherwise noted*, that must be uploaded to the state website directly. 

*DAS will create both a .txt file and a .csv file for Illinois.

Drake Accounting® does NOT create state Forms W-2 for the following states: Alaska, California, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. Please note that this list is subject to change, depending on if/when states update their specifications.

State W-2 upload files are created in the following location: C:\DrakeAccountingYYYY\DASYYYYData\Clients\ClientCode\efile\ST where: 

  • “C” is the drive where Drake Accounting® is installed.
  • "YYYY" is the year of DAS. 
  • “ClientCode” is the code used to identify the client when the client was created.
  • “ST” is the two-letter state abbreviation.

For example, if Drake Accounting® is installed on drive "C," the client code is “Arnold,” and the client does business in Wisconsin, then the state W-2 upload file is created in the C:\DrakeAccounting20YY\DAS20YYData\Clients\Arnold\efile\WI folder. 

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