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16366: NY Wage Theft Prevention Act - Check Stub Options (DAS)

New York

Drake Accounting®: What options do I need to enable to produce a check stub that meets New York Wage Theft Prevention Act requirements? 


To produce check stubs that meet the requirements of the New York Wage Theft Prevention Act, select the following options at Financial > Check & Stub Options > Payroll tab:

  • Use Alt Stub Format
  • ​Print Company Name and Address on Stub
  • Print Payer Phone Number
  • Print Employee Pay Rates on Alt Stub
  • Print Pay Period Date Range on Stub
  • Print Regular Hours for Salaried Employees on Stub
  • Print Employee Pay Stub for Direct Deposit Checks
  • Print Regular Hours on Stub
  • Print Rate for Salaried Employees on Stub

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