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16465: Email Setup - Yahoo App Passwords


Can I setup my Yahoo to work in Drake Tax?


Some Yahoo accounts will allow you to generate an App Password (steps below). If your Yahoo account supports this setting, then you can use it to configure your email to work inside Drake Tax. If the option is not available, then you will not be able to use your Yahoo email inside Drake Tax. 

You can generate an app specific password with or without two-step verification turned on. This setup is secure and the password is randomly generated by Yahoo. Once you have entered this special password into your Drake email setup, you do not need to enter it again or remember it unless you are setting up the same Yahoo account for use in Drake Tax on multiple computers that are not networked.

  1. Log into your Yahoo Account.
  2. Select Security.
  3. Select Generate app password under the section Other ways to sign in.
  4. On the App passwords pop-up, enter the name of the App (Drake Tax) and click Generate password.
  5. A window will display your App password. Click Copy and continue below. 
    • Do not click Done until you have copied the password. If you exit the screen before completing the next steps you will have to re-generate a new app specific password.
  6. Open Drake Tax and go to Help > Email > Setup > Accounts > Add Account.
  7. Select Yahoo as the Account Type and click OK

  1. Enter your account information. In the Password field, enter the special app password instead of your regular Yahoo password.  

  1. Click Test Settings to ensure that the information is entered correctly.


  1. Click OK and then Save
  2. You can now send emails from your Yahoo account through Drake Tax. 

If you do not remember the special password, and need to allow access for a second installation of Drake Tax, you must generate a new app password. 

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