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18522: Overriding State Rates and Withholding for a Specific Client (DAS)

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Drake Accounting®: How do I override state rates and withholding for a specific client in Drake Accounting?


To override global rates for single client:

  1. Navigate to Firm > Rates and Withholding Setup > State Setup.
  2. Choose the state and select the applicable Client from the drop list.
  3. Click the type of rate or figure to adjust, such as State Wage Base.
    • Once a field has been edited, a blue information icon appears, indicating that the default amount has been overridden. If the edited amount was made in error, on the right-side of the window, click Default Rate to reset the rates to their default values. (Default rates are determined by the state government and are accurate when the program is released; Drake Software issues updates when these rates change.)

  4. Modify data as necessary and click Save.

See KB 15047 for additional information on State Setup, as well as overriding state rates and limits.

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