Drake Portals - Drake Tax Integration - Connect Functionality

How do I use the Drake Portals Pane in Drake Documents to interact with my clients? 

Drake Portals is integrated with Drake Documents via the Drake Portals pane. From the Drake Portals pane of Drake Documents, you can do all of the following:

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This functionality is only available for Drake19 and future. Drake18 and prior does not support access to Drake Portals from Drake Documents. 


  • Married Filing Joint returns
    • Different Physical Addresses: The current version of Drake e-Sign Online only supports a single household address for both taxpayer and spouse. The verification software must be able to match both taxpayer and spouse to the address in order to ask the appropriate Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) questions of the taxpayer and spouse. We recommend not using an e-Sign Event when you are unsure if both taxpayers have ever lived at the address entered on the Name and Address screen in Drake Tax as e-Sign Events are non-refundable. A future release will include a “Spouse address if different” option.
    • Single portal login: Both spouses must be able to access the same portal in order to apply their signatures. A partially signed document can be saved and downloaded, however, that partially signed document cannot be uploaded to a different portal to retrieve the remaining signature(s). 
  • If the address on screen 1 is a foreign address, the KBA process will be unable to authenticate the identity of the taxpayer and/or spouse and they will be unable to e-sign. 
  • The Knowledge-Based Authentication questions are generated by using the Name, Address, SSN, and DOB entered on screen 1 (1040 return).
  • While Drake Portals is available for purchase and use by both Drake and non-Drake customers, the e-Sign functionality is only available for active Drake users as it is integrated with Drake Tax.
  • The feature Add Signature Fields to Any Document is available for all Drake Portals customers.
  • Every Drake Portals package, including the 14-day free trial, has access to all Drake Portals features (Files, Profile, Checklist, Questionnaires, Signatures, and Payment).
  • All users must purchase e-sign events in order to sign online. There are no trial e-Sign events available.
    • You can use the process described in Related Links below to explore the signature process on a test return without using an e-sign event. 
  • System Requirements: Drake e-Sign Online is designed to work on iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows-based computers and Macs. We cannot guarantee that Drake e-Sign Online will work on all configurations, browsers, devices, platforms, and operating systems.

​For more assistance, contact Drake Support at (828) 524-8020.