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10189: 1040 - EF Message 0113

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I have completed Form 8283; why do I have EF message 0113?

1040 - EF Message 0113: 

Schedule A - When Non-Cash/Check Contribution is greater than $500, Form 8283 MUST be present.

Solution:  The "other than cash" information must be entered on screen 8283 and REMOVED from A and/or K1 screens.

If you are still receiving this EF Message after completing the 8283, don’t forget to remove the Schedule A contributions that you have entered on the 8283 screen, so that the contributions are not entered twice. Also review any K1 screens that have been entered (for example, screen K1P, box 13, or screen K1S, box 12).

See the Form 8283 Instructions for details.

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