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10379: EF Return Selector - Removing Entries

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At EF > Select Returns for EF, some returns on the EF Return Selector should not be there. How do I remove them?


The EF Return Selector displays print files, which are created or recreated whenever you calculate a return. To delete print files, go to Tools > File Maintenance > Delete Print Files. Select the files you want to remove and click Delete. This deletes only the print file, not the return.

Note: You can set an option to remove print files after e-filing, or after a set number of days following e-filing Setup > Options > Calculation & View/Print tab, Number of days to store print files drop list). Drake Software recommends the options of removing print files after EF, or removing them after a maximum of 2 days.

Caution: This process will also delete any print files for returns that show as "expired" under the EF > Select Returns for EF menu. To get a return to show back up in the return selector, open the return and re-calculate making sure to review the return for accuracy prior to e-filing. 

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