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10384: Changing File Types

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How do I change a return from one type to another?

You can convert returns from one file type to another at Tools > File Maintenance > Change File Type. For example, an 1120 return can be converted to an 1120-S, or an individual return can be converted to another type of return, such as a 706 or partnership.

Change File Type will convert name, address, fiscal year, all depreciation, screens 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. In corporation to S corporation conversion, the Balance Sheet and Schedule A information also transfers.

WARNING: Make a backup of any file you intend to change before you begin the change. Not all data converts, and if the new file type doesn’t contain the data you are expecting, then the data is permanently lost. Changing a converted file back to its original type will not recover lost data.

To change a file to another type:

  1. Go to Tools > File Maintenance > Change File Type.
  2. Enter or select the SSN or EIN of the return that you want to convert and click Continue.
  3. Confirm your selection and choose the type of return to convert into. The current return type displays grayed out and not available.
  4. From the available choices, select the type to which you want to convert. Click Continue.
    • Note: (If you are converting an individual into a return type that requires an EIN rather than an SSN, you will be prompted for the new EIN.)
  5. You're advised when the conversion is completed. 
  6. Click OK and return to the home screen. 
  7. Go to Tools > Repair Index Files > Repair All Indexes > Continue > OK > Exit
  8. Open the return and confirm the file and data conversion.

If you want to revert to the original file type and don’t want to keep the converted file, delete the converted file and restore the backup that you made of the original. Use care in deleting the converted file to ensure that you delete the correct file. Deleted files cannot be restored, except from a backup.

For a video demonstration, see Changing File Type.

PPR or Drake Tax 1040 Restrictions

You can change a business/estate return into another type of business/estate return once. Note that if the return ID number attached to the return needs to change, it will cost you another business/estate PPR. You cannot change a 1040 return into a business/estate return, or vice versa in either Drake Tax 1040 or PPR mode.

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