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10659: 990 - Part VII Officers, Directors, Trustees, Employees, Contractors

990 Tax Exempt

Where can I enter information for officers and contractors that carries to Form 990, Part VII?


Form 990, page 7-8, Part VII, Section A is completed with the use of the OFF Officers, Directors, Employees screen. Press Page Down to get a new screen for additional entries. The order in which the officers appear is based on their compensation:

"List the persons required to be included in Part VII, Section A, in order from highest to lowest compensation based on the sum of columns (D), (E), and (F) for each person. When the amount of total compensation is the same, list the persons in the following order: individual trustees or directors, institutional trustees, officers, key employees, highest compensated employees, and former such persons."

Form 990, page 8, Part VII, Section B is completed with the use of the IND Contractor Compensation screen. On the form, there is only space to enter five contractors, so only two screens can be completed (total of 5 spaces). Press Page Down to get a new screen for the additional entries. You need to only enter the top five highest-paid contractors that received more than $100,000 of compensation from the organization. If you need to enter an adjustment for Part VII, Section B, line 2, that can be done on the COMP screen. 

See the IRS Instructions for Form 990 for more information. 

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