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How can I customize emails I send or change the notification email addresses or time frames in Drake Portals?


There are several options available for customizing emails and email notifications in Drake Portals. The settings are available from your Drake Portals website. To access, log in to the Drake Portals website, then click on your Username and select Account Settings. There are settings on the Email and Account tabs. 

Email Tab

  • Add custom instructions to emails sent to the selected type of client. Choose the client type from the drop list and then click Edit
  • Email Footer - Click edit to customize the text that appears at the bottom of all emails sent to clients from Drake Portals.

Account Tab

Expand Advanced Settings

  • Under Email
    • Use Logo on Emails
    • "Sent From" Email
      • Use default
      • Use custom 
    •  Activation Link Expiration
  • Under Notifications
    • Receive email the first time a file is downloaded
    • Allow client to select a Preparer on file upload
    • Send email notifications for Messages (set the time frame)
  • Under Storage
    • Send Low-Storage Warning Email when remaining space is less than: Drake Portals sends out an email notification to let you know when your space is below the indicated level, when enabled.


If a client is not receiving the automatic emails from Drake Portals, check the following items: 

  • Confirm with your client that the email is not going into a spam or junk folder instead of the inbox.
  • Verify you have the correct email on the client account by checking the client setup.
Review Related Links below or watch the video Email Settings (Firm) for a demonstration of these options within Drake Tax. 

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