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10811: Drake Documents - No Clients Listed

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I opened Drake Documents from within the software. Why can't I see my client documents?


When you open Drake Documents from within the software, you may be seeing the Working Cabinet, which stores only current-year client documents. As a result, prior year documents will not be automatically displayed. 

The Archive Cabinet is the version of Drake Documents where client documents from multiple years may be stored and displayed (not just the current year). If you used the Working Cabinet in Drake last year and have not moved documents from that year to the Archive Cabinet, those clients are still in last year's Drake Working Cabinet.​ To move client files from a Drake Working Cabinet to the Archive Cabinet, see Related Links below. If you have already set the current year to use the Archive Cabinet and do not yet see a current year folder for that client, calculate the return in the current year program. 

Note: You can configure Drake Tax to use either the Working Cabinet or the Archive Cabinet, however, the software sets the Working Cabinet as the default setting for the Drake Documents.

Generally, you should avoid switching between using the Working Cabinet and the Archive Cabinet inside Drake after you begin saving documents in the Document Manager. You risk having a client's tax documents saved in different locations. If it's necessary to change your choice after documents are saved in Drake Documents, contact Drake Support for assistance.

To change the cabinet for the Drake Documents to the Archive Cabinet, so that you can see multiple years' documents, use one of these options:

From the Home window of the software go to Setup > Printing > Drake Documents. Under General Options, select Use Archive Cabinet. Select Save at the bottom of the window.


Within Drake Documents (accessed from the Documents button through Drake Software) go to Setup > Options > Use Archive Cabinet.


Now, when you open Drake Documents from within the software or the desktop icon, the Archive Cabinet will be the version used. The software will then save current-year client documents there, and you will be able to access current year and prior year documents.

In certain cases, some documents don't appear in Drake Documents regardless of cabinet selection. This may be fixed in Drake Tax by going to Tools > Repair Index Files and selecting Repair all indexes.

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