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10834: 1040 - EF Message 5722 EIC Due Diligence - Income

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How do I clear red message 5722 about the EIC Due Diligence - Income? 

EF Message 5722 occurs when:

  • the option is selected (Require applicable due diligence screens to be completed) in the Due Diligence (EIC) section on the Administrative Options tab at Setup > Options;
  • self-employed income is present on the return (such as Schedule C or Schedule E); and
  • the applicable DD1 > Income due diligence tab is not completed.

In addition to self-employed income, there are other EIC conditions that cause similar messages to appear: 

  • 5720 Earned Income Credit Due Diligence – Qualifying Child (complete the DD1 > Child screen)
  • 5723 Earned Income Credit Due Diligence - Head of Household (complete the DD1 > Head of Household screen)

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