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11585: 990 - EF Message 4923

990 Tax Exempt

How do I clear EF Message 4923 in a 990 return?

EF Message 4923:

INVALID TAX PERIOD ENDING DATE: For a return filed for tax year 2023,
the tax period ending date must be one of the following values:

12/31/2023          04/30/2024          08/31/2024
01/31/2024          05/31/2024          09/30/2024
02/28/2024          06/30/2024          10/31/2024
03/31/2024          07/31/2024          11/30/2024

unless one of the following is true:

* Check box "Final Return" is selected on screen 1
* Check box "Initial Return" is selected on screen 1

HINT: Review the fiscal year ending dates on screen 1.

(IRS Business Rule R0000-939.)

Return to data entry and verify the fiscal year dates on screen 1. The fiscal year ending date must be one of those shown in the example above.

If the fiscal year ending date is correct, and this is either a final or initial return, verify that the selection has been made on screen 1, item B.

Note: You should verify which year of Drake Tax should be used for the filing. Depending on the beginning and ending dates, you may need to use the prior year program to complete the return. Per the instructions:

"If the organization has established a fiscal year accounting period, use the 2023 Form 990 to report on the organization's fiscal year that began in 2023 and ended 12 months later....

If the organization's short year began in 2022, and ended before December 31, 2022 (not on or after December 31, 2022), it may use either 2021 Form 990 or 2022 Form 990 to file for the short year...."

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