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How can I create a report that shows clients with Alternative Minimum Tax?

Go to Reports > Report Manager. You can either create a new report, or edit an existing one. The following example creates a new report.

  1. Click New Report.
  2. When the Specify Report Type window appears, select Tax return data and click OK.
  3. On the Report Editor – Step 1 screen, key in a name for the report, for example: "Clients with Alternative Minimum Tax."
  4. Then, from Available Columns, select Alt Min Tax to establish a column in which to display the AMT amount. Select other desired columns, such as Taxpayer Name and Taxpayer ID to help identify the returns with Alt Min Tax.
  5. Click Next when your selections are complete.
  6. On the Report Editor – Step 2 screen click Edit Filters.
  7. Click New Filter and enter a filter name, such as “Alt Min Filter,” and click OK.  Make sure the new filter is highlighted in the list. (At this point, you can limit what kind of returns will be searched by clicking Edit under Basic Search Conditions for the Selected Filter. In this example, the default Return Type is ‘Any’ will be used. When the search is run, you again will have a chance to limit the return type.)  Caution:  If you modify an existing filter and save the changes, any other report that uses that filter will be affected. Generally, better practice is to set up a new filter for each report.
  8. Click Add Condition to display the Filter Condition Editor. From the Keyword Name drop list, select Alt Min Tax, from the Comparison drop list select is at least, and in the Value field, enter 1 (or another value or combination of comparison and value that you prefer.)
    1. If you use more than one Condition, consider what selection to make between Match All Conditions and Match Any Condition.
    2. Click OK and Save to save the filter condition.
  9. After creating or editing a report, click Save on the Report Editor – Step 2 screen to save the report.
  10. The new report template will be saved in the Report Manager in the My Reports section.
  11. Click View Report to generate the report. 

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