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12708: Outlook Calendar and Drake Scheduler - Pulling or Pushing Appointments


How do I pull client appointments from the Outlook calendar into the Drake Software Scheduler? How do I push them from the Scheduler into Outlook?

Review these points before trying to move appointments between the Drake Scheduler and Microsoft Outlook.

  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 or later. The Drake Scheduler push/pull feature does not work with earlier software.
  • Logged-in preparer. An appointment can be pushed or pulled
    • Only for the preparer logged in to the Scheduler (not for an Admin login).
    • Only once - the Scheduler will not push or pull the same appointment a second time for the preparer.
  • Pulling appointments from Outlook.
    • Your Outlook calendar appointments must have a title. An Outlook appointment without a title appears on your Outlook calendar as blank or displaying the appointment time only. An untitled appointment is ignored by the Scheduler.
    • You can select which appointments to pull from Outlook.
  • Pushing appointments to Outlook. You cannot select which future appointments are sent to Outlook. All future appointments for the logged-in preparer are sent.

Open the Drake Scheduler (click Scheduler on the Drake Home window toolbar).

Initial setup. Complete these steps only once, before your first pull or push:

  1. Click Setup on the Scheduler toolbar and select the Appointment tab. From the Select external calendar drop list, select Outlook.
  2. Click OK to save the selection.

To pull or push appointments. Click the Push/Pull icon on the toolbar to begin moving appointments between the Scheduler and Outlook Calendar.

To pull appointments, select Pull future appointments from Outlook.

  1. Select the appointments you want to pull from those displayed.
  2. Click Import.

To push appointments, select Send future appointments to Outlook. A message confirms that the appointments have been sent. (You cannot select which to send - all future appointments for the logged in preparer are sent.)

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