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What are the different GruntWorx products offered?

GruntWorx - A submission consists of one or more of these three products:

  • Organize
    • Default product. This is part of any job submitted to GruntWorx and returns a bookmarked PDF document to you.
    • Organizes, bookmarks, and labels scanned tax documents so you can easily find and review any document.
    • Standardizes workflow with consistently-organized tax documents.
  • Populate
    • Optional add-on product. Data from supported tax forms, returned to you in an XML file, can be imported into Drake.
    • Reduces data entry with accurate data extraction and population into Drake Tax Software.
    • Reduces burdens on preparers and reviewers, allowing them to focus on higher value activities.
    • Available for package types 1040, 1041, 1120, 1120-S, and 1065.
  • Trades
    • Optional add-on product. Trade data, returned to you in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file, can be imported into Drake.
    • Prepares trade details from scanned consolidated brokerage statements for importation into Drake Tax Software.
    • Available for package types 1040, 1041, 1120, 1120-S, and 1065.

GruntWorx LITE

  • Organize LITE
    • A submission consists of the organize product only. GruntWorx Organize LITE is processed strictly through GruntWorx technology with no human validation, resulting in a more affordable entry point to paperless automation. With acceptable scan quality, you receive an organized document back in minutes.
  • Populate LITE
    • Starting in tax year 2020, you can submit a Populate LITE job. Populate LITE is designed to give you the benefit of automating select data entry, but with a do-it-yourself product featuring a quicker turnaround time and lower cost. After submission, validate the Populate LITE data with a user-friendly application specifically designed by GruntWorx, then simply import that information into the tax return.
    • Key features include:
      • Self-validated product
      • Turnaround time in minutes
      • Lower cost!
      • Use at your own pace
      • Bookmarked, searchable PDF
      • Import file of client’s extracted data
      • Available extracted forms are the same as the traditional Populate product. 

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