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13235: ACK Codes in the Personal Client Manager (PCM)

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What do the ACK codes shown in the Personal Client Manager (PCM) mean?

Acknowledgement codes are transferred to the Personal Client Manager (PCM) from the EF database after returns are transmitted and the acknowledgements processed. These codes represent the status of e-filed returns; for example, whether it was accepted or rejected. A list of the codes is shown below. See Related Links for more detailed explanations of each status. 

Common Acknowledgement Codes
A Federal or State accepted.

Federal extension accepted.  

B Bad transmission to Drake. This may indicate a software update needs to be installed before re-transmitting the return.
D Duplicate.This return is a duplicate of an accepted return – do not resend.
E Imperfect return election.
P Processing.
R Rejected; click on reject number to see explanation.
S Federal rejected, return paper-filed with bank product info included.*
T Test transmission (does not go to the IRS).
X Bad transmission to Drake. Resend return, contact Drake if problem persists.


*Important: The return must have been e-filed and rejected before a bank product can be processed from a paper-filed return. See the Related Link "Search EF Database, Common Acks, and Rejection Codes" below for more information about S acks. 

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