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13536: 8839 - Unsuccessful Adoption Expenses

Rejects + EF Messages

A taxpayer incurred expenses attempting to adopt a child, but the effort failed. There is no name to enter on Form 8839, which produces EF message 5629 and prevents e-filing.

Although IRS regulations permit partial entries related to the identity of the child sought to be adopted (see the Instructions for Form 8839 concerning line 1), a missing name produces red message 5629. The return must be paper-filed.

EF Message 5629 states: 

MISSING NAME ON FORM 8839. An identifying number (SSN, ITIN, ATIN) has
been entered on screen 8839, but the name of the child is missing or
incomplete.  Return to screen 8839 and enter the child's first and
last name.

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