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13951: PA - RCT Requires Preparer Information on Return


Why am I getting a message about required preparer information on this PA return?

Pennsylvania does not allow the PA RCT returns to be e-filed if the preparer information is blank on the return, such as a self prepared return.

If the preparer number on the Name and Address screen is NONE for Self Prepared Return (No Paid Preparer), the PA RCT will produce one or more of the following EF Messages:

  • 0440 - Preparer Name is required
  • 0504 - Preparer’s firm name must be present
  • 1997 - The preparer’s SSN must be: 
    1. Numeric 
    2. 9 digits in length

In order to resolve these EF Messages and leave the return as a Self Prepared Return, go to the PREP screen on the Miscellaneous tab in Data Entry and fill out the State Preparer Information section.

For more information, see the PA Instructions

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