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Is there a way to review my bank acknowledgements (bank acks) that I have previously received? 

If your office uses bank products through one of the Drake's banking partners, the following transmissions occur when you e-file a tax return with bank product information:

  • Drake transmits the tax return to the IRS and the appropriate bank.
  • The IRS sends an acknowledgment (“ack”) to Drake. If the return has been accepted, Drake transmits the bank information to the bank.
  • The bank sends an acknowledgment back to Drake.

Your system picks up any new bank acks whenever you initiate a connection with Drake (transmit or receive from EF > Transmit/Receive or pick up new acks through EF> Process Acks). 

If you need to review these bank acknowledgement reports at a later date, you can do so through the Reports Menu > Report Viewer > Bank Ack Reports tab. The reports can be sorted by clicking on the report header of which you would like to sort (to sort by date, click the Date column header). The report will need to be opened and viewed in order to see the client information to which this report is associated. 

For more information about bank acknowledgements or our Drake banking partners, see Related Links below. 

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