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14306: Backup and Restore - Automatic Backups


How do I create Automatic backups?

With automatic backups, you can schedule backups so that you do not have to remember to back up your files manually.  You can set up or change backup settings whenever you want. This option can be accessed from the main page of Drake, under Tools > File Maintenance > Backup.

The automatic backup program will only run on the machine that enabled it when that computer is turned on with a user logged in. 
When you begin automatic backups, the program grabs a full backup. During the next six days, it does not back up all your selected files every day - just those files that change that day. On the seventh day, the process starts again with a new "full" backup followed by six days of "incremental" backups. If no changes are made to your files, no automatic backup will be performed that day.


Turning on and configuring Automatic backups: 

To turn on automatic backups, mark the Enable checkbox, the default time and location of the backup will display. If you would like to alter any of the time or location, click Configure Automatic Backups. 

The Automatic Backup Settings section of the screen allows you to set a daily scheduled time for backups, follow the steps below:

  1. Check the Enable Automatic Backup button.
  2. Select a time and location for the backup.
    • If you want to back up your files off-site via the Internet, select Send to cloud storage and select the number of weeks you want Drake Portals (to keep the backed up files (see Related Links below for more information). This feature is only available for Drake19 and future.
  3. If you want to include your Drake Documents archive cabinet files, select Include DD Archive Cabinet.
  4. If there are non-Drake Tax files you want to add to the backup, click the top Add button related to Custom Files, or click the second Add button related to Custom Folders to include sub-folders and files for the select folder(s) to the backup.
  5. Click Save.


To Suspend (turn off) Automatic Backups:
  1. Go to Tools > File Maintenance > Backup.
  2. Un-select Automatic Backup-Full by clearing the check mark from the Enabled check box.
  3. Click the Save button to save your changes and exit the backup dialog.
  4. Close out of the Backup and Restore window. 
For more information on the enhanced Backup and Restore features, see Backup & Restore and Related Links below.

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