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14900: Report Showing Non-Returning Client Data

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How can I generate a report showing which clients have not returned this year?


Depending on your office setup, one or more of the following options may be used to get the list of clients that have not been updated, and/or completed. 

You can run a report showing information about clients that have not yet been updated from the prior year software by going to Reports > Report Manager > Client Reports > Status and Tracking and select the Non-Returning Clients report. Click View Report, adjust your Basic Search Conditions (if needed), then press Continue. The report can be printed or exported to Excel, as needed. 

If you updated all clients from your prior year software in a batch (see Related Links below), you will need to run a different report to capture this information. To run this report, go to Reports > Report Manager > Client Reports > Status and Tracking and select the Updated but not Calculated report. This will generate a list of clients that were updated, but have not been calculated. If you have calculated returns for any reason (even if not complete) or used the batch calculate feature, the return will not show up on this report.

If you used the batch calculate feature, or have opened and calculated returns that were not completed, you may get the information that you are looking for by going to Reports > Report Manager > Client Reports > Status and Tracking and select the Calculated not E-Filed report. 


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