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15504: Manage e-Files (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: How do I manage my e-filed returns or documents that have been created for e-file, but not yet filed?


Under e-Filings > Manage e-Files, all of your applicable clients (not just active clients) that have at least one e-file return or document created in Drake Accounting® for the current year will be displayed. This screen also displays relevant information about the file, such as its current status and from which form the file was created.

To access the manage section, go to e-Filings > Manage e-Files:

Your applicable clients will be displayed:

Click the plus sign (+) to expand each client to see the e-files separated into different categories. When you click on the file, you can open it by clicking View.  You can also open the folder location where the file is stored by clicking Open Location.

To Copy a Folder or File

To move all of the files under a selected node  to a specified folder, click Copy Folder. Select a location in which to save the files.

To copy an individual file, select the specific file and click Copy File. You will be asked to select a location, name the file, and then save.

To Delete a Folder or File

To delete a file or folder, select the folder or file and click Delete Folder or Delete File.

Use caution as this function will delete the original copy of the file or folder.

Alerts display to make you confirm your selection, or to allow you to cancel the deletion process: 


What is the Uncategorized section?

This section is used for files that do not fit into one of the listed categories such as W2/W3, 1098/1099, or 94X series of forms. This section organizes these other e-file forms so that you can review, copy, or delete files that would otherwise not be shown.

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