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15815: Correcting e-Filed Forms 1099 and W-2/W-3 (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: How do I make corrections to an e-filed 1099 or W-2 / W-3?


Note: It is recommended to print or save a copy of any original documents before making changes. Before printing or saving corrected Forms 1099 and associated 1096, uncheck any vendors that do not need corrections or re-process only the corrected forms. 

Only follow these steps if the e-File was accepted by the FIRE site. If the file was rejected/had a "BAD" status, do not use the Corrected checkbox. When an e-File is rejected, the e-File can be submitted again. 

To make a corrected Form 1099:

For Vendors:

  1. Go to Payables > Federal Forms > Select the desired Form 1099 from the Form drop list.
  2. Select the Vendor that needs to be corrected.
    • The 1099 must be processed to allow changes.
  3. Select the Corrected box, above the Form 1099 and make necessary changes.                     


  1. Click Save or Save/Print to finalize the changes.

For On the Fly forms:

  1. Go to On the Fly > Federal Forms > Forms 1099 (default) > select the desired Form 1099 from the Form Type drop list.
  2. Select the Vendor that needs to be corrected.
    • On the Fly forms do not have a process option.


  3. Select the Corrected box, above the Form 1099 and make necessary changes.                     
  4. Click Save or Save/Print to finalize the changes.

A corrected Form 1099 can only be e-filed through DAS if the correction that was made to the form is considered a one-transaction correction.

See General Instructions for Certain Information Returns for filing requirements. 

When e-Filing a corrected 1099, follow the chart below from Publication 1220:


Form W-2c is used to correct Form W2. Form W-2c is not intended to report back pay or to correct Form W-2G, Certain Gambling Winnings. 

Form W-3c is required to be filed with Form W-2c and is automatically produced in the background when Forms W-2c are processed.

Note: Drake Accounting® requires a processed W-2/W-3 in order to create a W-2c/W-3c. Forms W-2c/W-3c cannot be e-filed through Drake Accounting® at this time. These forms must be paper-filed. 

The steps for creating the W-2c/W-3c are the same for Employees and On the Fly forms.

  1. Go to Employees > Federal Forms.
    • or On the Fly > Federal Forms 
  2. Select Forms W-2c/W-3c from the Form Type drop list and W-2c from the Form drop list..
  3. Select the employees from the list on the left side of the window that require corrections.
  4. Click Process.
  5. Select an employee’s W-2c by either double-clicking the employee or using the Find Employee drop list at the top of the window. You can also page through the processed forms using the page tabs.
  6. Make necessary changes directly in the appropriate fields.
  7. Repeat steps 5-6 until all edits have been made and then click Save or Save/Print to save your changes.

You can print forms W-2c or W-3c at this time, or click Save to print them at a later time. To print at a later time, go to Tools > Review Reports and select Display Federal Reports (PDF) from the drop list.

The edited forms W-2c are saved and an updated W-3c is generated. If the Print W-3c check box is selected when you click Save/Print, the W-3c displays in a separate PDF window.

Note: All forms W-2c and W-3c can be printed on plain paper using a laser printer and on red line forms using the data only option.


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