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What is Form 1040-SR? How do I generate this form in Drake Tax? 


Starting with tax year 2019, taxpayers age 65 or older (born before January 2, 1955) have the option of filing Form 1040-SR, Tax Return for Seniors, instead of Form 1040. The new form has a larger font size for enhanced readability. The line numbers match up with the revised Form 1040 and Schedules 1-3 can be attached, if needed. 

The taxpayer/spouse does not have to be retired in order to use the 1040-SR.

By default, Drake Tax automatically produces Form 1040-SR in lieu of Form 1040 when either the taxpayer or spouse was born before January 2, 1955 (date of birth entered on screen 1)​.

Single Return

To have the program produce Form 1040 instead of Form 1040-SR for one return, open the PRNT screen on the Miscellaneous tab and select Produce 1040 instead of 1040-SR.


To suppress Form 1040-SR globally, go to Setup > Options, Form & Schedule Options tab. Use the drop list for 1040-SR suppress, to select Suppress 1040-SR. Click OK

Starting in Drake20, Form 1040-SR has been expanded to four pages instead of two. In view mode, only three pages are shown as page 4 is just the Standard Deduction chart. If you want to print page 4, go to the PRNT screen and mark the box Produce Form 1040-SR page 4

For more information, see the 1040-SR Instructions

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