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Why am I getting reject "R0000-236" and how do I resolve it?


New for 2023 returns, a return is rejected with "R0000-236" if a form or schedule was attached as a PDF file instead of being created using the appropriate Drake Tax data entry screens. To resolve this reject, remove the attached PDF and complete any applicable data entry screens instead.

Attaching a PDF of any of the following forms or schedules results in reject "R0000-236":

  • Form 1041 Schedule D
  • Form 1041 Schedule I
  • Form 1042-S
  • Form 1120 Schedule D
  • Form 1122
  • Form 2439
  • Form 3468
  • Form 4136 
  • Form 4562
  • Form 4952
  • Form 7207
  • Form 7210
  • Form 8288-A
  • Form 8801
  • Form 8835
  • Form 8873
  • Form 8902
  • Form 8912
  • Form 8933
  • Form 8936 Schedule A
  • Form 8941
  • Form 8949
  • Form 8978  
  • Form 8978 Schedule A
  • Form 8995
  • Form 8995-A

The IRS will reject a return if the name of the PDF contains any of the forms or schedules listed above, even if the attachment is not the full form or schedule. If the PDF attachment is still needed, rename the file to omit the form or schedule number or name.

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