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18467: Drake23 - Mid-Season Enhancements


What are the new e-File Status and Help Assistant icons in Drake Tax 2023?


On March 13, 2024, two new features were added to the Drake Tax Home window and Support site, helping you get the information you need fast during the peak of the season.

   e-File Status

The e-File Status feature is an expansion upon the existing e-File Database. e-File Status helps consolidate e-file tasks—including EF > Transmit/Receive > Acks Only and EF > Process Acks—while allowing you to check your firm’s up-to-date e-file records using the EF Database you are already familiar with (EF > Search EF Database). The new e-File Status can be accessed only by those with sufficient Drake Tax security permissions.

Upon clicking e-File Status, you are given the option to check for and process new acknowledgments from recently e-filed returns. If you have new acknowledgments from Drake Software that need to be processed, a red indicator appears on the e-File Status icon. All information received through e-File Status is automatically added to the EF Database, accessible from both Drake Tax and the Support site ( > Reports > E-file Status Lookup).

   Help Assistant

Use the new Help Assistant to quickly get answers to common and trending Drake Tax questions and to browse the Knowledge Base. Choose from preselected prompts or ask the Assistant your own question, who will then search Drake Software’s documentation to retrieve a simple, easy-to-understand answer, with a link to the referenced article for additional information. The Help Assistant is available from the Drake Tax toolbar as both its own icon and from Support > Help Assistant, as well as the Support site (

IMPORTANT: The Assistant is not monitored and cannot be used to communicate with Drake Software Support.

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